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Photo Booth Android App & Review

Downloads: 75
Category: Photography Android Apps
(Photo Booth Android Apps)
Version: 1.0.0
Publisher: S4BB Limited Apps
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About Photo Booth Android App
  • Photo Booth is an interesting and fun photography android application!!! It is based on some public photo booths where we can take our passport size pictures. The app shows 4 photos on a vertical strip in a row just like a film strip. Offers overview and zoom modes for your android device's gallery.

    How to use:
    - First, you have to open this application on your phone.
    - Choose integrated 'Take Shots' button.
    - Then. app automatically takes user's four consecutive pictures (with flash) by using their phone's camera
    - Now, you can easily put all 4 taken photographs as single image on a vertical strip
    - Saves all your photos in Photo Booth Style

Supported Android versions: All
Photo Booth Screenshots:
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Photo Booth