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Free PhoneKlone Android App & Review

Downloads: 87
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 0.26
File Size: 175 KB
Publisher: Christopher Bowal
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About PhoneKlone Android App
  • PhoneKlone is an application through which you can carry your phone to the internet. It offers you to watch your images, messages, place and settings online in a simple to use personalized portal at PhoneKlone's website.

    * You not at all have to concern about sharing and uploading photos and messages because Photos and messages are uploaded automatically as they are received.
    * Your all text messages are presented simply online so that you can follow your social life on the big screen.
    * Through this app you can fine your missing phone even the battery of your phone is dead or the phone is switched off.
    * No need to press buttons or uploads to start as here all things are online instantly.
    * Browse and download photos captured by your phone's camera and also messages (sent and receive)

Supported Android versions: All
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