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Par 3 Golf II Android App & Review

Downloads: 50
Category: Games Android Apps
(Golf Android Apps)
Version: 2.0
Publisher: RESETgame
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About Par 3 Golf II Android App
  • Play a wonderful fast-paced golf game on your android device by using Par 3 Golf II app. It includes four 9 hole courses (Tropic Greens, Shining Pines, Royal Dunes & Desert Fronds) which are rated "par 3" and also includes three dimensional hills, sand traps, tiered greens, water & fairways. Here you have an option to select two computer opponents or play solo but remember one thing that for the computer opponents, it is quite easy to sink the ball in three strokes than you.

    It also includes realistic wind, gravity, friction & aerodynamics. It has perspective & zoomable overhead views and distance & wind indicators. The player can also play given 36 holes randomly and can achieve one of the three flag positions on each green. Here you have an option to select one of the 11 clubs or app will select automatically. You can also select male or female player. During gameplay if your important call will come then no need to worry because it saves your game and you can restart it from where you have left.

Supported Android versions: All
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Par 3 Golf II