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Paintball II Android App & Review

Downloads: 84
Category: Games Android Apps
(Drawing Android Apps)
Version: 1.0
Publisher: Crazysoft Limited Apps
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About Paintball II Android App
  • PaintBall 2 is an original game and a part of best sellers. This game is having beautiful graphics, millions of colors, stereo sound and 5 types of gaming modes.

    A group of 3 or more balls having same color is made and they must be placed after pipe. Balls are painted by tapping and their color can be changed by clicking on them.

    If pipe becomes too hot then balls color gets converted into multi-color. Letters are appeared on some balls and can be taken if balls are grouped. The hard game is like a simple game and must be played faster. On panic mode, maximum score can be made in 100 sec. In heart mode, groups of balls are chosen if they are present after red pipe. On chroma mode, game will be played according to color combination.

    * 16bit crystal clear and full screen graphics are present.
    * Game is having stereo sound.
    * Speed can be controlled.
    * Hi-Scores can be sent on internet.
    * 3 types of balls are present.

Supported Android versions: All
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Paintball II