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Free Outgoing Call Confirm Free Android App & Review

Downloads: 91
Category: Communication Android Apps
(Call Recorder Android Apps)
Version: 7.0
Publisher: mekDroid, Inc.
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About Outgoing Call Confirm Free Android App
  • Outgoing Call Confirm Free is an interesting application to use on your android device. The users are asked to confirm any outgoing call with its contact name & number that their phone is going to dial. You can set vibrate or/and allows to play a tone whenever your phone notify you for outgoing call. There is no need to uninstall and re-install this app for disable it temporarily. It records all your intercepted calls in a separate call log. Outgoing Call Confirm app automatically aborts the call if the users are not able to confirm it in 30 seconds.

    - Ad-supported version.
    - Automatically detects bluetooth headset devices (The confirm dialog will never display when your phone is connected with BT Headset).
    - Ability to exclude any selected contact.
    - Allows app to display only number of contact.

Supported Android versions: All
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