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Outgoing Call Confirm Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
(Call Recorder Android Apps)
Version: 7.0
Publisher: mekDroid, Inc.
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About Outgoing Call Confirm Android App
  • Outgoing Call Confirm is the most essential application for your portable android device. In this application, you are asked to confirm any outgoing call with contact name and number before your phone will dial it. The users can set vibrate and/or allow app to play a tone whenever their device will make any outgoing call.

    It automatically detects Bluetooth headset devices whenever your phone is connected to it. If you want to display only contact number then you can easily set it in this app.

    * Easily disable Outgoing Call Confirm app temporarily. (There is no need of uninstalling and re-installing it).
    * With separate call log, the application records all the intercepted calls of users. (Ability to clear the log by pressing Menu)
    * Auto-abort of outgoing call, if the users won't confirm it within 30 seconds.
    * Ad free version
    * Never stops emergency number calls like 911.
    * Instantly add any new contact to the list( Go to Menu-> New).
    * How to exclude some selected or special contacts:
    - First go to Menu-> Exempt Contacts.
    - After excluding any contact, you are able to check a list of exempted contacts.

Supported Android versions: All
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Outgoing Call Confirm