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Free Optimize Tool Box (15 functions) Android App & Review

Downloads: 74
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 2.02
Publisher: opda team
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About Optimize Tool Box (15 functions) Android App
  • Optimize Tool Box (15 functions) is an efficient and useful app that offers 15 easy to use functions to manage your android device. The app has 9 sections and 15 functions that form a 360 angle protection for your mobile phone.


    * System Scan:
    - It allows you to completely scan your android device.
    - Use all the cache and installed, auto-start & running apps simply by one touch.

    * Apps Sort:
    - The app offers custom category that helps you in managing all your applications.

    * Startup Manager:
    - Whenever you phone gets start, it cleans some useless apps to free memory, increase running speed and save power of your phone.

    * Uninstaller:
    - Easily uninstall useless applications with it.

    * Installer:
    - Allows you to install any apk file from your memory card.

    * Sort Apps:
    - Search for any application by its installed time, name or size.

    * Program Manager:
    - Through Program manager function, you can instantly check out all the running apps and services.
    - Delete some running apps and service, if it is useless for you.
    - Get full protection against fatal apps and services with ‘Ignore list'.

    * Message Clear:
    - It keeps complete list of the messages, strangers and contacts.
    - Delete any message by one click.

    * File Explorer:
    - Ability to manage all the files of mobile phone and SD card.
    - Instantly add, view, move, copy, send, rename or delete any file.

    * Power Monitor:
    - It allows you to monitor all your running applications so that you can sort the apps that consume more power of your phone.

    * General and advanced settings:
    - This function enables you to quickly set ringtone, control volume, input settings, WIFI and much more.

    * Widget:
    - Through this function, you are able to insert widget to your device's homescreen so that it becomes easy for you to switch WIFI, airplane mode, cache cleaner etc.

    * Cache Cleaner:
    - To free memory and delete all cache, the users only have to click once.

    * Power Save:
    - Power Save function enables you to adjust brightness of your screen as per you choice.
    - Timeout.
    - Quickly turn off WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, background data and auto-sync.

    * Device Information:
    - Check out status of ROM, CPU, Battery, IMEI, screen, network type and many others by using it.

Supported Android versions: All
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Optimize Tool Box (15 functions) Android App Recent Changes
  • Add Startup time notification selection. Notification disabled by default.
  • Fix accidental delete problems in deep clean. The next version will be more accurate.
  • Add more functions in Quick settings.
  • Fix Compatibility problems in some devices.
  • Fix some tiny problems.
  • Add single item detailed optimization result.
  • Add notifications to show whether installed apps can move to SD card.
  • New process ending rules, release memory completely.
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Optimize Tool Box (15 functions)