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Open Sea! Android App & Review

Downloads: 126

Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.0.1
File Size: 14558 KB
Publisher: The Pixelizers
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About Open Sea! Android App
  • Test your dexterity and tactical skills to the limit by playing all-new action game, Open Sea!

    Mo gives advice all the people to run away through entire sea with their foot. Well, he is a prophetic leader in Pharaoh's Egypt. Simply by touching the sea, you can open it and shaking your phone, you can close all the waves. If you want to hit some lightning bolt, just tap your phone's screen.

    Try to complete all 51 epic missions across entire country to promised land. Take control of whacky people, sleepy sloths, panicked girls, zigzaging drunkards & more to take over evil ships and destroy mummies as well as wicked wizards. The players have to cross heroes' path on their adventure where they will meet up to 5 heroes which may give them some awesome powers (Jess gives you the power to walk on water, Abe, Lovers or El gives you the power to turn enemies back to ashes. The game has intuitive game mechanics which are specially designed for hand-held touch screens.

    In Campaign mode, attempt to complete your mission on map with optional paths by collecting all stars. The game features 5 addictive modes including Crossing of the Dead, Sacred Land, Time Trial Extreme, Save 'Em All and Time Trial.

    Other Features:
    - Unlock up to 5 challenging games
    - Lead the legendary Nono's Ark
    - Full HD graphics
    - Cute characters
    - Breath-taking soundtracks
    - Multiple environments
    - 6 types of different people
    - Destroy up to 3 types of enemies
    - Scoreloop's Online leaderboards

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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Open Sea! Android App Recent Changes
  • Another big update! We keep fine-tuning existing content and adding new features:
  • We have revamped the beginning of the game and added contextual tutorial tips. Now grasping the game mechanics is even easier, while early missions are even more fun!
  • Heroes' got a holy halo of light that is much deserved, given their feats for people salvage.
  • And we implemented online highscores with Scoreloop: now you may rank for Adventure' highscore, and above all for any of the Challenge Games!
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Open Sea!