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OfficeSuite Viewer 5 Android App & Review

Downloads: 43
Category: Business Android Apps
(File Manager Android Apps)
Version: 5.1.515
Publisher: MobiSystems Apps
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About OfficeSuite Viewer 5 Android App
  • OfficeSuite Viewer 5 is a universal document app for Android that allows you to open DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, RTF, LOG, CSV, PPS, PPSX, EML and ZIP files including attachments. OfficeSuite allows users to open password protected documents and so it becomes the only mobile office for Android that provides this feature.

    It supports different languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Swedish. OfficeSuite is very widely spread and also it is pre-installed on more than 20 million devices. With the help of OfficeSuite Professional, you can edit the documents anytime and share them on Google Docs.

    - Simple user interface
    - File browser contains intuitive toolbars and shortcuts for recent files and my documents
    - Two pane user interface on Android 3.0 Honeycomb devices
    - Share documents through Bluetooth or Email
    - Includes software such as Text document viewer, PDF reader, Email reader Spreadsheet module and Presentation module
    - Supports both the landscape & portrait mode for viewing documents
    - Support for Accelerometer
    - Reply & forward emails
    - Zoom and full screen option is available
    - Word count / find next / pinch zoom / embedded tables / embedded images
    - Mobile dictionaries in MSDict format
    - Option to select and download a wide range of monolingual & bilingual dictionaries and reference books from world famous publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge, Encyclopedia Catalana, McGraw-Hill and many more.

    Features for Docs Viewer:
    - Format the documents with advance formatting features like text color, bold, italic, underline, bullets & numbering, footnotes, endnotes, superscript & subscript and alignmen
    - Open embedded hyperlink

    Features for Spreadsheet Viewer:
    - Charts / comments / Windows style tabs / freeze panes and autofit columns
    - Advanced formatting features like text & cell color, borders & alignment, bold, italic and underline to format the documents
    - Options like general, currency, number, date, time, accounting, percentage, etc for number formatting

    Features for Presentation Viewer:
    - Slide show, notes and slide & outline view modes

    Features for PDF Viewer:
    - Options like fit to screen, fix text content and fix width
    - Swipe page turning

    Features for File Browser:
    - Easily create / rename / delete files and folders
    - Sort files & folders by name / size / type / modified date
    - Shortcut for remote files in file browser to easily get access to Google Docs accounts
    - Speedily access files from selected formats with the help of filters

Supported Android versions: All
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