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OfficeSuite Professional Android App & Review

Downloads: 251
Category: Education Android Apps
Version: 3.0.314
Publisher: MobiSystems Apps
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About OfficeSuite Professional Android App
  • OfficeSuite Professional (Android) is a fully feature loaded mobile office resolution which permits you to create, see and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files, PowerPoint, PDF files and attachments on your Android device. This app uses the most usually utilized desktop document and also contains File Browser to help you handle your files. It is an important productivity application presenting office efficiency any time, and everywhere. It includes all the features which you want from mobile office software. Through this application you get tools for, developing spreadsheets, word processing, delivering presentations and browsing portable PDF files and attachments.

    * Open and edit Microsoft® Word files, native attachments & side-loaded documents with the support of Microsoft Office 97 to 2010
    * Open Microsoft® Excel XLS, XLSX and CSV files and attachments and Save XLS and CSV files with the support of Microsoft Office 97 to 2010
    * Capacity to create new DOC, DOCX and XLS documents
    * Open, edit and save documents in the generally used TXT and CSV formats
    * Open PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX presentations
    * PDF files viewing
    * Access and open email documents attachements
    * Open ZIP files
    * Own included File explorer for easy file and folder management
    * Improved for high resolution Android tablets and netbooks

    Docs Editor Feature Set:
    * Advanced Text Management and Editing - Select & Copy rich text, Find/ Find next, Cut/ Copy/ Paste, Insert/ Delete text, Select All, Undo/Redo, Replace/ Replace All
    * Rich Text Formatting - Visualization and altering of the text style and colors - Bold, Italics, Strikethrough and Double strikethrough, Underline, Highlighted text, Superscript & Subscript, Outline, Emboss, Engrave, Small/All Caps; Text Alignment. capacity to change the Font type, Font size.
    * Zoom levels for best document visualization
    * Embedded Tables -Improved for "small screen" visualization and editing of fixed tables with acapacity to create new tables
    * Paragraph Formatting - Changing of the Paragraph Indent, Line Spacing, Alignment, Spacing Before & After
    * Embedded Images - Display BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF(in PDFs only), DIB, WMF/EMF, and PICT files and Insert images from the Image Galery of your phone
    * Other Features - Zoom, Word Count, Comments, Footnotes, Endnotes opening, View, launch, create Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
    * Password protected documents support
    * Save, Save As to device's memory or memory card

    Spreadsheet Editor Feature Set:
    * Cell Type Formatting - General, Number, Currency, Date, Time, Percentage, Scientific, Text, Special, Custom are supported cell types.
    * Advanced Cell Formatting - Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Cell Color , Background Color; Change Font size and Font type; Customizable Cell Alignment visualization and editing of different cell text styles and colors mentioned above.
    * Navigate and Work with Multiple Spreadsheets - Insert, Delete, Rename, and Protect sheets
    * Advanced Row & Column Management -Adjust row height and column width, Auto fit columns, Go to cell, Freeze panes, Select entire row and column, Hide/Unhide rows and columns
    * Charts - create new and make change in existing charts
    * Formulas - around 100 generally used formulas
    * Other features - insert Comments, Zoom, View, edit, Sort
    * Password protected documents support
    * Save, Save As to device's memory or memory card

    Slides Viewer Feature Set:
    * Open Microsoft® PowerPoint PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX files and attachments with the support of Microsoft Office 97 to 2010
    * Notes
    * Slide show
    * Fixed images and shapes
    * Find/Find next
    * Safe opening of password protected Microsoft® PowerPoint® files
    * Full screen view and Zoom options to acquire best visualization of your documents

    PDF Viewer Feature Set:
    * PDF files and attachments openings
    * Support of Multi column
    * Page layout view
    * Excellent zoom levels
    * You can Go to page, Page number indicator and Fit width/page
    * Password protected and encrypted documents Opening.
    * Bookmarks and Embedded Images visualization.
    * The original Fonts visualizations



Supported Android versions: All
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