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Free Office Yoga - Care Your Health Android App & Review

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Category: Health & Fitness Android Apps
(Yoga Android Apps)
Version: 1.7 (supports App2SD)
File Size: 4996 KB
Publisher: DownloadAndroid (
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About Office Yoga - Care Your Health Android App
  • Office Yoga - Care Your Health is an application with nine sets of simple yoga movements which you can follow for refreshment and relaxation.

    If you are working at the desk from many years than it will lead to arthral and vertebra diseases and even lack of exercise in addition causes various health problems such as decreased immunity, bad blood circulation etc.

    This application helps to relieve your back pain, arthral and vertebra pains with yoga movements which are specially designed for office workers. It can also additionally prevent and cure some occupational diseases. This app offers images and instructions showing how to do yoga, tips and functional pages used for learning more. You can follow anywhere and any time you want and you will feel refreshed from a tiresome situation.

    * Nine sets of easy-to-learn office yoga postures packed.
    * Sharp images and detailed instructions in both text and audio forms.
    * Helps to relieve arthral and vertebral pains. Boost your health as well as immunity.
    * Additional Function-Pages to inform you of benefits concerned.

Supported Android versions: All
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Office Yoga - Care Your Health Android App Recent Changes

What's new in Office Yoga v1.7:

  • Korean language support
  • Install Location to SD card permitted
  • Slideshow of images for more convenient usage
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Office Yoga - Care Your Health