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Office Calculator Pro Android App & Review

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Category: Finance Android Apps
Release: 2012-09-19
Version: 3.2.0
File Size: 289k KB
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About Office Calculator Pro Android App
  • This is the office calculator with a virtual tap for Android Smart-device. You can change between tap view and calculator view with the full-resolution. The tap includes up to 1000 lines. Value can be changed on the virtual tap for the corrections and this calculator allows annotation on the tap. Office Calculator Pro offers fixed point arithmetic that includes 20 digits and 0 - 4 decimal places while the floating point arithmetic has 64 bits. You can use three rounding modes such as up, down or 5/4. This calculator supports percent calculation feature that helps you to calculate tax amount. This application allows you for the calculation of multiplication/division over addition/subtraction and it shows interim results (optional)

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Office Calculator
Office Calculator Pro Android App Recent Changes

- Operator precedence (multiplication/division over addition/subtraction)- Interim result (optional)- Additional keypad layout with big plus button

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Office Calculator Pro