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Free NES Controller Android App & Review

Downloads: 73
Category: Entertainment Android Apps
Version: 1.03
Publisher: Martin Aberl
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About NES Controller Android App
  • NES Controller is an amazing game controller/joystick/gamepad for windows. The users can utilize joystick in almost all the games as this app emulates it. You have to simply install PPJoy as well as GamePadService on the windows pc to make it work.

    Need to follow following instructions:
    * First download PPJoy.
    * Activate Test Mode by using following steps (if using Windows 7 64 Bit)
    - First press Win 7 start button.
    - Then go to All programs-> Accessories
    - By clicking right on command prompt, you have to choose 'Run as Administrator' from context menu.
    - After that, write 'BCDEDIT -SET TESTSIGNING ON' & press enter.
    - Now, restart your PC and check out Test Mode at the bottom right side.
    - You have an ability to install PPJoy now.
    * Install PPJoy
    * Now you have to add Joystick to PPJoy..
    * Download GamePad Service from 'Download section' & install it.
    * Run the GamePad Service( Used Port 8003).
    * Click on confirm to allow Firewall connection.
    * Begin using this app on your device.
    * Change the IP to that IP where service of GamePad is running on. (Menu-> Preferences-> IP-Address ).
    - Simply click on start button.
    - Then go to All programs-> Accessories.
    - You have to run command prompt.
    - Type ipconfig & press enter.
    - Ability to get IP-Address: IPv4-Address . . . . . . . . . . :
    * Check whether it is working or not:
    - Simply press Win 7 start button.
    - Then, find out usb-gamecontroller to open.
    - Check out PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1 & click twice on it.
    - By clicking some buttons in your device, you can check whether something running on in GamePad Service or not.

Supported Android versions: All
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NES Controller