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Free Neon Zone Android App & Review

Downloads: 36

Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.1
File Size: 10240 KB
Publisher: House on Fire
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About Neon Zone Android App
  • Get ready to play an unique physics-based puzzle game!!! In this game, the main goal of the players is to absorb each energy sphere simply by sliding given block. Rotate device to move a block and use tap gesture to jump to the floors. Don't let yourself fall from the floors otherwise the game will be over. The game features infinite replay value and tons of extra rewards.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
Neon Zone Screenshots:
Neon Zone Android App Recent Changes
  • Now more sparkly than ever!
  • Added features include
  • improved look and feel
  • install to SD card
  • added support for Android 2.1
  • added support for older ARM6+VFP devices (try free version before you buy)
  • various bug-fixes (should work on HTC Desire now :)
  • social buttons to stay informed
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Neon Zone