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Free Music Therapy for Sound Sleep Android App & Review

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Category: Health & Fitness Android Apps
(Meditation Android Apps)
Version: 1.7 (supports App2SD)
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About Music Therapy for Sound Sleep Android App
  • Music Therapy for Sound Sleep is an application for your android device which is based on the popular EEG to optimize human brains. Low Speed Alpha Wave put in this app for a required sound sleep which will comfort your mind and helping you to fall asleep easily. Its music is completely different from the so-called leisure music. Moreover subliminal music therapy inserts Alpha Wave to various musical pieces by carefully setting the rhythm to a certain frequency and stimulating imagination with certain sound effects. Your sub-consciousness will awake by listening to the music. It is also guiding you to brand new discovery of your potentials, to relaxation, and to creativity.

    Low Speed Alpha Wave has a frequency from 8Hz to 9Hz, which inspires a situation at which one is nearly asleep and cannot think obviously. Binaural beats are applied to create such a frequency in one's mind. For example, if the right ear is presented with a steady tone of 500Hz and the left ear a steady tone of 508Hz, these two tones combine in the brain. The difference, 8Hz, is perceived by the brain and is a very helpful stimulus for brainwave entrainment.

    * Five tunes with Low Speed Alpha Wave
    * Elaborate descriptions
    * Increase sleep quality
    * Varied music themes
    * Elegant interfaces

Supported Android versions: All
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Music Therapy for Sound Sleep Android App Recent Changes

What's new in Music Therapy for Sound Sleep v1.7:

  • Install Location to SD card permitted
  • Korean language refined
  • More stability
  • Other minor improvements
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Music Therapy for Sound Sleep