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Free Mobile Hidden Camera Android App & Review

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Category: Photography Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Version: 2.2.283.pu
File Size: 1401 KB
Publisher: mhc software
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About Mobile Hidden Camera Android App
  • Mobile Hidden Camera is an interesting spy camera application that has excellent in-built features.

    Main Features:
    * Shooting & Recording:
    - Get full support for front camera shooting on Android 2.3+ operating system.
    - There is no flash, preview and shutter sound in this application.
    - With adjustable frequency, enjoy auto-continous image shooting.
    - Shoot 5 to 10 images per second with burst-mode.
    - If you have firmware-locked device then also you can easily remove shutter sound.
    - Get feedback in configurable vibration while shooting.
    - It also allows to record videos in in high-quality.
    - The users also have an option to auto- split video recording into multiple files.
    - Stops video recording automatically with timer mode.

    * Background Shooting:
    - Whenever you are shooting silently in the background, you can show the desktop of your device, run other applications and even put them to standby mode as per your choice.
    - The app doesn't have any visible screen so that any of your friends can know even if you are shooting underneath.

    * Strictly Stealthy Operations:
    - While shooting images or video, you can also block incoming phone calls, email alerts and sms.
    - Start image and even video shooting by optionally using hardware volume buttons.
    - It also allows you to optionally turn off keyboard backlights as well as button on your device so that to look it totally powered off.
    - During your shooting process, you can also keep black and blank screen by turning them on.
    - Customize main screen and menu labels or even hide them all.

    * Totally Hidden Application:
    - With an unobtrusive notepad icon, simply install it as a "Simple Notepad" application so that no one can know that you have spy application.
    - This application doesn't display in "recent apps" list.
    - You also have an option to hide this app in other functional notepad application so that if anyone takes your phone can't notice it even if on launching the app.
    - Effortlessly unlock it simply by typing from notepad without entering password.

    * Diagnosis & Tools:
    - It includes compatibility modes that help you to boost reliability and performance of application on any other devices or android versions.
    - Get full support for ticket system so that you can easily send developer log files for diagnosis.

    * File protection:
    - You can also hide your any media file from other file browsing apps and android gallery.
    - Customize any folder or file name, prefixes & extensions.

    * Self Destruction:
    - Use life-saving feature to immediately erase all media files that were taken by the spy camera.

    * Customization:
    - The users can individually turn on or off all the features of this app as per their preferences.

    * Quick quit mode:
    - Stop shooting or exit the app simply by one touch.
    - The shooting cycle from application startup, manual or continuous shooting to quitting all go unnoticed.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.0 and higher
Mobile Hidden Camera Screenshots:
Mobile Hidden Camera Android App Recent Changes
  • Front camera support for Android 2.3+
  • Use hardware volume buttons to start image & video shooting
  • Burst-mode super fast shooting, up to 5 to 10 images per second
  • Shutter sound even on firmware-locked devices
  • Auto-split video files
  • Fully customizable menu labels, even hide them all
  • Compatibility modes to boost app reliability & performance on various devices & Android versions
  • Fixes
  • Enhanced compatibility on all Android versions
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Mobile Hidden Camera