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Mobile Banker Android App & Review

Downloads: 28
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 7.2
Publisher: Business Compass LLC
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About Mobile Banker Android App
  • Mobile Banker is the most comprehensive and efficient financial application which is specifically designed for MBA students, investment bankers as well as finance professionals. It features weather information, news and context sensitive video help.

    - Gives straight bond value and yield-to-maturity.
    - Get convertible bond value including conversion value, option value & straight bond value.
    - Features accrued interest & graph.
    - You'll get modified duration, dollar duration, Macaulay's duration, price value of a basis point and % price change to interest rates (volatility).

    Scientific-Postfix Calculator:
    - This accurate calculator has capability to specify and perform different fractions with 20 basic arithmetic operations.
    - It allows you to specify precision as well as significance.
    - You can easily & conveniently simplify all mixed fractions.
    - This unique postfix calculator comes with 5 probability operations, 4 memory operations, 5 statistics functions & data repeat and 13 trigonometry operations.

    Calendar Companion:
    - With the help of this feature, you can conveniently find out difference between two dates in days, weeks, months and years by simply adding or subtracting days/weeks/months/years to/from a date.
    - This app gives you day of week of a date.
    - It allows you save date format.

    Consumer Finance:
    - You'll get unique charts as well as graphs using this feature. It enables you to save & email your results.
    - This useful & handy feature combines auto finance, home finance and student loan finance.

    - It features two different methods including straight line and accelerated depreciation.
    - The integrated accelerated depreciation method covers up sum-of-years'' digits, declining balance and MACRS.
    - MACRS integrates non-residential as well as residential rental real property.
    - You can also save and email your each & every result.
    - It gives graphs of accumulated and ending book value depreciation.

    Forward & Future:
    - This feature can easily compute American as well as European call and intelligently set price for foreign currency.
    - It can also compute option Greeks and Rho 2.
    - You'll get indirect volatility for European and American option price.
    - It allows you to save and email option.

    - This advance feature lets you computer European and American option price for equity index, futures and foreign currency option.
    - The integrated call, put, covered call as well as protective put option strategy give profit diagrams.
    - It offers implied volatility and save/e-mail option price.

    - You can easily & simply compute price as well as equivalent bond yield whenever discount rate is supplied for Treasury Bills. Whenever price is supplied, yield will be computed.

    Time Value:
    - Check out amortization and loan comparison with save/e-mail & graphs.
    - You'll get time values including PV, FV, time & interest.
    - NPV/IRR and estimated annual cost.
    - Find out interest rate including simple, compound, annuity, perpetuity, effective annual rate and nominal/real interest rate.

    - You'll get adjusted present value (APV) from PVTS, PVFD, FCF, RA & tax rate.
    - Find out un-lever equity beta from debt beta, equity beta, tax rate, debt/equity and re-lever asset beta to derive equity beta.
    - Get weighted average cost of capital as well as average cost of capital valuation.

    World Time:
    - You just need to select city and time zone from region.
    - Here you can find out selection of 600 different time zones as well as cities (242 capitals).
    - It allows you to save cities, country specific display format, date input format, base city and base time zone.
    - You can easily and conveniently jump to base city and time zone.
    - Find out local time, search and convert with complete ease.

    Yield Curve:
    - This feature enables you to easily plan US treasury yield curve.

    - It lets you computes bankruptcy probability and interpret Z-Score from market value measures including net working capital, retained earnings & taxes.

Supported Android versions: All
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