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MathPacPlus Android App & Review

Downloads: 249
Category: Productivity Android Apps
(Calculator Android Apps)
Release: 2010-08-17
Version: 7.6
Publisher: MobileCaltronics
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About MathPacPlus Android App
  • MathPacPlus is a reliable and versatile graphing calculator application with excellent in-built features that is specially designed for students, tutors and instructors. This app offers almost all functionality on graphs like Zoom, Pan, Trace and 'Calc'. Through this app, the users can calculate min, max, zeroes, intersections, evaluates, ∫x and much more.

    During calculation if it founds any undefined values then this app shows correct error messages for it. It has integrated ‘Scientific Calculator' that features full trig capabilities, factorial, fraction conversion, real & complex number operations, absolute value and many others. Save all the tables as well as graphs as .png files to your memory. It includes many easy to use applications with word prompts functionality.

    It sets defaults as per the last list which you have worked with. Avoid inserting inappropriate parameters with ‘Smart Entry' feature. This app returns y-intercept as well as slope from x and y points even if they form a vertical line.. The users can graph range of functions in coordinated color which are displayed in radians or degrees. 'Regression Analysis' includes many features like cubic, linear, quart, sin, linear regression t-test and many more. Know about necessary formulas for each output/ input screen.


    * Includes 2 modes like ‘Table' and ‘Split Screen'.
    * Offers functionalities such as summation, sequences and complete matrix algebra.
    * Search all the necessary functions easily with its ‘intuitive design'.
    * Get guidance and help for correct solutions with its integrated ‘Failsafe Technology'.
    * Includes transformable lists.
    * Instantly converts trinomials factors into linear factors.

Supported Android versions: All
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MathPacPlus Android App Recent Changes
  • Added 2-finger pinch/zoom
  • Corrected help in Poly Regression
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