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MathPac Android App & Review

Downloads: 192
Category: Education Android Apps
Version: 7.7
Publisher: MobileCaltronics
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About MathPac Android App
  • MathPac is a graphing calculator that can do all tasks performed by TI. This app is designed and tested by instructors having graphics calculator teaching experience of many years. It is having more functionalities than any other calculator and can be used by students, tutors and instructors.

    * Various functions of graphs are watched in form of Degrees or Radians
    * All graphs are having zoom, trace, pan and calc functionality
    * It calculates MIN, MAX, ZEROS, EVALUATES, INTERSECTION, DY/DX, LIMITS and ∫x values
    * For undefined values, correct error messages are displayed
    * TABLE and SPLIT SCREEN modes are available
    * From 2 points, SLOPE and Y-INTERCEPT are available
    * Factors trinomials into linear factors
    * Regression Analysis like Linear, Quad, Cubic, Quart, Exp, Pwr, General Polynomial, Ln, Sin and T-Test can be performed
    * Scientific calculator is used to perform real and complex number operations
    * Functionalities like sequences, summation and full matrix algebra can be done
    * Graphs and Tables can be saved as .png files to memory
    * Applications can be used with word prompts
    * Lists may be transformed dynamically
    * For every input/output screen, help and formulas are available
    * Intuitive design helps you to search desired function
    * This app keeps record of last list work and default sets
    * Smart entry protects you from entering wrong parameters
    * Failsafe Technology will give you information about correct solutions

Supported Android versions: All
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MathPac Android App Recent Changes
  • Added help text in Calculator for working with logs of various bases
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