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Version: 0.9.3
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Publisher: dlek
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About Android App
  • is one of the most interesting Android App that provides the users with Real-time ships positions which are fully based on the details provided by Automatic Identification System. Through this app, the users are able to watch different positions of marine ships that shows reporting with more than 35000 vessels per day on interactive Google map. It also provides the users with a complete worldwide coverage for more than 850 ports along with significant number of open-sea areas. Get details on port arrivals & departures in real-time, search for port statistics, historical data, vessel details and also estimated time of arrivals. The users of app can personalize services that are recently added. Maintain list of vessels on both the mobile and the web version.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher Screenshots: Android App Recent Changes
  • Beta Testing version.
  • Last version includes:
  • My location
  • Targets near me
  • Manage My Fleet
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