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Free Lyric Legend Music Game Android App & Review

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Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 0.9.008
Publisher: TuneWiki
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About Lyric Legend Music Game Android App
  • Lyric Legend Music is one of the best music games which is specially designed for those who want to learn lyrics. Through its easy to use virtual currency system, you can earn free songs from world's popular artists like Lady Gaga, Nelly, Rihanna, Jackson 5 etc. Play 5 levels one by one or jump to any of your desired level. By using 'Legend Power' & beating bonus challenges, the players can easily boost their score points. Try to achieve a word streak to increase your multiplier. With the help of GPS based scoring, you are able to compare your highest score with other players online or locally against friends.

    How to play:
    - First, select your favorite song
    - You have to hit orbs that have lyrics in real-time
    - Then, try to accurately learn lyrics which artists will sing
    - Ability to see your score at

Supported Android versions: All
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Lyric Legend Music Game Android App Recent Changes
  • Updated to latest version of Unity game engine for improved menu performance and overall stability
  • Added "Exit" button to force close app when exiting
  • Decreased the size of the initial download
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Lyric Legend Music Game