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Lotto Max Assistant Android App & Review

Downloads: 27
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 1.3
Publisher: Lottomag
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About Lotto Max Assistant Android App
  • Lotto Max Assistant is an interesting and comprehensive android application!!! A smart wizard efficiently filters present selection on the basis of user input to suggest best approach (hot numbers). In a single session, you are able to choose maximum 5 combinations. Offers higher chances of winning than other default odds of winning.

    - Restricts rare combinations selection
    - Avoids any repetition of previously selected numbers
    - Offers user-friendly interface in suggestive colors
    - Never relies on any past result
    - Filters combinations from fundamental tendency
    - Once installed, then there is no need of wireless or wired connections

Supported Android versions: All
Lotto Max Assistant Screenshots:
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Lotto Max Assistant