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Free Loky PLUS Trial Android App & Review

Downloads: 39
Category: Communication Android Apps
Version: 2.0.3
Publisher: Stanbuyme Limited
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About Loky PLUS Trial Android App
  • Loky PLUS Trial is a communication application that allows you to secure all the private data of your android device. It supports multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Portuguese.


    * Stealth Mode:
    - There is no visible icon of this app as it operates under this mode.
    - You just need to enter ##123 to open Loky PLUS.
    - Once PIN setting is completed, then enter ## followed by your newly-set PIN (access code).

    * Landscape Mode:
    - Find this app easy to use if you have android device with a slide-out keyboard..

    * Secure Files:
    - It secures your all kinds of files.
    - From a secure file locker, you can easily & safely store, manage & view all the documents & media files.

    * Secure Contacts:
    - A fully-featured secure address book allows you to secure all your sensitive contact information. This app also provides you an easy to use contact list.

    * Secure SMS & MMS:
    - This app allows you to automatically send & receive SMS & MMS to & from your Loky PLUS contacts by avoiding your phone's regular messaging app.

    * Protect Privacy:
    - In this app, all your private data are protected by a PIN.

    * Security Log:
    - This app ensures that nobody has opened your account by saving a record of your successful login attempts.

    * Capture Images:
    - Easily capture pictures from within this app & assure that your images are under lock and key.

    * Multiple Accounts:
    - Create a second account & keep your personal & business lives separate.

    * Stay Alert:
    - Whenever you receive Loky PLUS mail, this app alerts you by sending 'dummy' SMS or vibrating or playing one of three sounds so that, as per your convenience you can read messages.

    * Press & Hold:
    - Discover a new way to interact with this app simply by pressing & holding your screen for a short time on a message, contact or file.

    * Tell Your Friends:
    - Suggest this app to your friends simply by pressing & holding screen on a contact.

    * Shake To Close:
    - To automatically close app, simply shake your phone lightly.

Supported Android versions: All
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Loky PLUS Trial