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Loky PLUS Android App & Review

Downloads: 24
Category: Communication Android Apps
Version: 2.0.2
Publisher: Stanbuyme Limited
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About Loky PLUS Android App
  • Easily keep your communications private with Loky PLUS app. This app functions under Stealth Mode that means it is invisible for all except you. It has not any visible app icon. This app sets up a secure area on your android device so that you can lock your sensitive contact information in a fully-featured & simple secure address book. The best thing about this app is that it places inbound SMS into Loky PLUS's secure area instead of showing them in the normal inbox. Your outbound SMS are safely kept in the Loky PLUS secure areas and not in the normal outbox.

    It also manages your MMS. The user can also store, manage & view documents and media files in the Loky PLUS secure area. This app secures your all sorts of files very well. Here, all the things are protected by a PIN which you can select by yourself when first download the Loky PLUS app. Easily keep your business and personal contacts separate by setting up individual accounts for both of them. Whenever you receive Loky PLUS mail, it will always inform you about it by sending a 'dummy' SMS, vibrate or by playing one of three sounds. To quickly close Loky PLUS, simply shake your phone lightly and it will automatically close down.

    Other Features of Loky PLUS:

    * PIN:
    Simply dial ##123 & then press call to open the app when you first download in order to set the PIN. Now it becomes your access code. Enter ## followed by the newly set PIN.

    * Security Log:
    By saving a record of your all successful login attempts, it will assure you that no-one has accessed your account.

    * Landscape Mode:
    It supports landscape mode so that if your handset is with a slide-out keyboard then also you can easily use this app.

    * Multiple Languages Support:
    It is available in many languages like Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, English and Portuguese.

    * Call Log:
    Your trace of calls whether made or received are not appeared from your Loky PLUS contacts as it scrubs your call log.

    * Capture Images:
    It assures that your pictures are already under lock & key, if you capture images within Loky PLUS.

    * Press & Hold:
    Explore a new way to interact with Loky PLUS by simply pressing and holding the screen for a short time on a message, contact or file.

    * Tell Your Friends:
    Simply press and hold on a contact in order to recommend the app to your friends.

Supported Android versions: All
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