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Free locAR Live Location Tracker Android App & Review

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Category: Travel Android Apps
Version: 4.4.1
File Size: 375 KB
Publisher: High-level Algorithms Limited
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About locAR Live Location Tracker Android App
  • locAR Live Location Tracker is the most essential & ultimate multi-user live team location tracking and text/image sharing application. Now, you can quickly join all your friends, family or colleagues in your own private teams to safely share live locations, waypoints, motion/orientation data, camera snaps & texts and much more. The object locations and team members are drawn on geographic map or as 'augmented reality' overlay through camera. This view contains HUD compass, speed display, artificial horizon and 360 degree radial scan view.

    Make use of your location and heading/pitch to produce KML data for real-time viewing through Google Earth. Also control direction as well as distance from which your location is viewed. The included locAR servers will intelligently distribute city and geographic objects on the bases of viewer location. It supports real-time moving tracks and static navigational points. This uniquely designed application lets you capture and distribute camera snaps with others within few seconds. With the "Node" menu, the users can easily add their own objects. You just need to choose "Demo" on main menu to safely join team demo with your own position.

    Also slave your simulated position to that another team member with Menu-Nav-Sim-LockRef. Easily control displayed position on non-gps device from standard gps phone. At the beginning, you'll given default user id of form "USERnnnn" with this application. After simply create your teams and invite your friends to join them by using team name & password. You can also check user ids of current team members under Menu-Team-List. The locAR Live Location Tracker Android Application features integrated help button, location-privacy controls, two powerful simulation modes and various tips messages.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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locAR Live Location Tracker Android App Recent Changes
  • This release incorporates several (mostly internal) updates developed for the NEWLY RELEASED (BETA test) "vidAR" optical image tracking app (which is based on locAR)
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