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Kona's Crate Android App & Review

Downloads: 43

Category: Games Android Apps
Release: 2011-06-23
Version: 3.1.1
File Size: 22938 KB
Publisher: indiePub
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About Kona's Crate Android App
  • Kona's Crate is an awesome physics-based game for your Android device, which makes toting packages fun. In this addictive game, you have to transport mystifying crates to the eager Chief Kona. Here, your delivery vehicle is a jet-powered platform that is a little difficult to use than a mailbag. So your simple aim is now to control the delivery platform. But be careful, precious package should not drop. If you deliver package perfectly then Kona will be quite happy, otherwise get ready for his anger. In addition, the game connects you straight with OpenFeint achievements. You can post your scores to Facebook & Twitter.

    What's more:
    - More than 60 levels with 3 campaigns
    - HD-quality graphics
    - Free content updates
    - Smooth tap based controls

Supported Android versions: Android 2.0.1 and higher
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Kona's Crate