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Free KoLines Android App & Review

Downloads: 34
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.3
Publisher: Eugene Krivenja
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About KoLines Android App
  • Experience playing 3 kinds of game in one app called KoLines on your android device. In these games, you can set difficulty level like normal or hard. It includes following games:

    In this game, the main goal of the players is to place four or more balls vertically, diagonally or horizontally in one line to disappear them from the board. The players can combine 2 balls of the same color in one( if you'll combine a blue color ball with number 4 and blue color ball with number 3, then you'll have one blue ball with 7). Remember, the balls that you have combined can not have total of more than 9. Try to disappear as many balls as you can in the line and achieve highest sum of all disappearing balls in order to earn more score. If the players are not able to disappear any ball in one move then they will be fined with some other balls on the game board.

    In this game, the players have to disappear ball-lines. You have to disappear only that lines which have total sum of the balls equal or over 15. Each line that you disappear must have minimum 3 balls. If you have disappeared any line that have total sum of its balls 15 then you will earn 125 score. Remember, you can not make sum more than or equal to 30 otherwise your scores will be reduced.

    The main goal of the players is to remove the 'blockage'(Clear the game field) that are totally filled with balls. Here, the process of combining balls is the same as Kolines and Fifteen. The ball that has number 9 will be disappeared and you will get 9 points for it. You must have to disappear minimum one ball in each move otherwise your 1 point will be deducted. Whenever all the moves of balls are completed, your game will be over automatically. At the end of the game, the total number of remaining balls will be deducted from your points.

Supported Android versions: All
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KoLines Andoid App Review


What a good game! very addictive, good idea behind it. Great arcade!