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Kids Games (10 in 1) Android App & Review

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Category: Education Android Apps
Release: 2013-06-20
Version: 1.0
File Size: 13M KB
Publisher: GhTeam (
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About Kids Games (10 in 1) Android App
  • Kids games 10 in 1 is a large and in-depth set of beloved by many people games for intelligent kids. This set has combined all the games from previous parts and also two new games for over-fives (5-7 years) have been joined. These bright games not only keep kids engaged, giving you some free time, but also help them to develop themselves.
    In this set of games your kid will face:
    -clapping corns with tiny fingers, turning it into golden popcorn (motor development)
    -painting bright pictures, following the offered form (brain building and basic colour palette study)
    -Placing correctly letters and figures and learning its sounding (abc and figures study)
    -driving out The little round bun from complicated labyrinths (brain building, memory, motility)
    -learning what different animals eat (associative thinking, memory)
    -Searching pairs of similar pictures with animals, names of which the kid will hear under proper solution (memory training)
    -composing its own melodies (tuneful ear development)
    -guessing animals on sounds, which they pronounce (associative thinking, memory)
    -Piecing together an interesting jigsaw puzzle from matches (motility, logic)
    -do simple sums (mathematic skills development)

    In case if kid can't handle a task, a prompt button, included in game, will help him. It also worth marking, that this game has an option of switching languages (for now these are Russian, German and English languages) and continuous appending of the game with new levels.
    We wish your kid fun and useful pastime!


Supported Android versions: Android 2.2 and higher
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Kids Games (10 in 1)