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Free iStoryBooks Android App & Review

Downloads: 193
Category: Education Android Apps
Release: 2011-01-15
Version: 1.0.18
File Size: 6975 KB
Publisher: iMarvel
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About iStoryBooks Android App
  • Let your kids read some interesting story books with some greatest amusing pictures!!! iStoryBooks app is specially designed for little kids and their parents. In completely protected 'Parent Section', you can easily insert or delete any book from your kid's own library. Each book comes with full text & audio and read itself to your children (your kid can also read books manually). Check out various kinds of books like bedtime stories, toddler books, nursery school books and many others.

    Enjoy reading following famous books:

    Educational Books:
    - A to Z Animals: It is an awesome book where your children will learn alphabets with animals' pictures
    - A to Z Fruits and Vegetables - Junior/Preschool/Yummy Riddles: Check out fullset of three books which helps kids in learning alphabets with beautiful pictures of fruits as well as vegetables
    - The World of Trucks - Big and Small: Most fun-filled book along with pictures and real-time engine sounds of multiple trucks which have various sizes as well as shapes. It offers garbage truck, fire truck with siren and horn, crane truck and many others

    Fairy Tales:
    - Cinderella: Includes a story of a Cinderella, a beautiful girl. Cinderella's nature is so much positive so that even in hard times, she hopes for the best
    - Snow White: It is a story about a princess who was beautiful on the inside & outside. Want to know more about her??? Read the full story

    Animal Story Books:
    - The Crow the Doves and the Mouse
    - The Blue Fox
    - The Mean Lion and the Smart Rabbit
    - More

    Children's Ramayana Books
    - Hanuman Saves Lakshmana
    - Hanuman's Adventure in Lanka

    Note: Developers will publish all-new book every 2 weeks. All the newly published books will automatically appear in application.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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IStoryBooks Andoid App Review


I really love this app my daughter stays on it for hrs. a day it really has increased her eagerness for learning she is always running to me telling me the new words she has learned. She is 5yrs old in kindergarten and reading on a 1st grade level.