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Human Voice Ringtone Remix Android App & Review

Downloads: 192
Category: Entertainment Android Apps
(Ringtone Android Apps)
Version: 1.7
Publisher: TeleBEEM
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About Human Voice Ringtone Remix Android App
  • Human Voice Ringtone Remix is an entertaining application for the users of android smartphone. This wonderful app alerts you for incoming call with real human voices which are recorded by professional voice actors in world-class studios.

    * 8 different voice sets with 60 ringtones in each
    * Includes eight characters which alert you in four different music styles
    * Includes personalized ringtones containing two music styles in each like mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter etc
    * Plus, a range of exclusive ringtones and musical styles

Supported Android versions: All
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Human Voice Ringtone Remix