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Free HistoryEraser Android App & Review

Downloads: 56

Category: Lifestyle Android Apps
Version: 2.3.0 (supports App2SD)
File Size: 138 KB
Publisher: DUMAPIC (
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Market Link: market://search?q=pname:jp.androdev.historyeraser
About HistoryEraser Android App
  • HistoryEraser is an application which erases history data from your android device.

    * Searches in Google Map, Earth, Youtube, Gmail, Android Market
    * Frequently called contacts, calllogs
    * Browsing histories
    * Quick searches
    * English/French/Japanese languages available.


Supported Android versions: All
HistoryEraser Screenshots:
HistoryEraser Android App Recent Changes


  • Add clear all button('Bomb').
  • Add erasing Gmail search histories.
  • INFO**
  • Can't erase Map/Navi layers directly without rooted.


  • Froyo Standard A2SD available.



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