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HaxSync - 4.x Facebook Sync Android App & Review

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Category: Social Networking Android Apps
Release: 2012-09-21
Version: 2.5.2
File Size: 574k KB
Publisher: Mathias Roth (
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About HaxSync - 4.x Facebook Sync Android App
  • HaxSync gives you perfect integration of Facebook data with your Android device. View the high-resolution contact images synchronized from Facebook. Update your status in Face-book application and even post likes and comments including thumbnails for picture posts and YouTube videos. Synchronize Facebook events into your device's calendar also set optional reminder in the calender. Every feature is highly configurable and you can disable unwanted features. Find the contact manger to crop your contact images. Change color of your calender.

Supported Android versions: Android 4.0 and higher
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HaxSync - 4.x Facebook Sync Android App Recent Changes

* Contact Manager now allows editing even while syncing.* Fixed crashes when trying to use "Join With" on HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz devices.Some users are currently experiencing issues getting all of their friends to synchronize. This has nothing to do with HaxSync, it's caused by a bug in the Facebook API. See for more informatio

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HaxSync - 4.x Facebook Sync