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Handy Safe Pro Android App & Review

Downloads: 33
Category: Productivity Android Apps
Version: 1.03
Publisher: Paragon Software (SHDD) -
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About Handy Safe Pro Android App
  • Manage your safe and important data on your android device by using Handy Safe Pro app. It includes modified graphical cards which presents your all important data in a simple to use interface and also promise complete privacy with 128 bit blowfish encryption. Handy Safe Pro is a safe and easy to use application where you can keep your important data in one place and always with you whenever you go. It also comes with matchless safety functionality to data management applications.


    * Includes latest graphical card representation
    * More than 65 preinstalled graphical templates and icons.
    * Promise complete privacy with 128 bit blowfish encryption and presently there is no known effective code breaking method.
    * 35 exclusive information forms to store passwords, credit card details, codes, accounts like banking, email, Internet, shopping, web pages, addresses, travel info, insurance policies, software keys and many more.
    * Guarantees database integrity with sync with desktop client.
    * Card customization.
    * Save particular information as per your needs with custom templates
    * Here URLs are shown as hyperlinks.
    * Support of Subfolder
    * Also it automatically locks if you are not using it for a short period of time.

Supported Android versions: All
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