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Free Guns'n'Glory Android App & Review

Downloads: 127
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.6.1
Publisher: GmbH
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About Guns'n'Glory Android App
  • Guns'n'Glory is the most addictive and fun-filled android game with a sniper-style tower defense gameplay. In this game, the main goal of the players is to run a gang full of gun-crazy desperadoes. Take control of each outlaw individually in this game. Use eagle eyes, lightning reflexes and a heart colder in order to take down all God-fearing settlers, which are scattered across multiple woods & canyons. There are many different locales in the game like Deadwood-era Dakota, Oregon locales, Nevada, Wyatt Earpp's New Mexico and more. Make your powerful gang of riflemen, bandits, rustlers and braves. Choose from rifles, dynamite and shotguns to destroy endless waves of unwitting pilgrims.

    - Use juicy trains & stagecoaches to raid
    - Powerful cannons
    - Steam-train-mounted Gatling gun
    - Tons of characters
    - Different weapons
    - Ad-free version.
    - 3 difficulty levels from easy to hard

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
Guns'n'Glory Screenshots:
Guns'n'Glory Android App Recent Changes
  • Made some changes for Xperia Play devices
  • Fixed graphic issues on some tablets
  • Fixed a bug where chests could fall into a canyon
  • Fixed crash on the Galaxy S2
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