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GRE prep (Keys) Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 4.8
Publisher: TEARN media
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About GRE prep (Keys) Android App
  • GRE prep (Keys) is a vital application which is specially designed for GRE preparation. It is a highly developed study platform which helps students to memorize easily and understand complex subjects easily. Moreover this application displays only most important information on your android device so you don't need to read unimportant content and vocabulary list.

    * Shows targeted word immediately if it is repeated.
    * The targeted words have exact meaning, association, and spelling.
    * If any new word is included then it associates with its real image.
    * Creates environment for SAT testing based on speed.
    * Gives positive support even if your answer is wrong.
    * Collection of more than 1,500 words from past examinations.
    * Part of the 4-book SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and PCAT prep series including 5,000 high-frequency words.
    * It arranges over hundreds of terms into chapters and units - telling stories to make study easy through subject context.
    * Now understand every terms and chapters easily through Unique flow selectors.
    * Here each term is simplified in particular subject definition along with live links to applicable web pages.
    *Includes terms for all ages such as kids, teens, and adults, as per selection.
    * It supports images from search embed so no need to type.
    * You can also connect terms with various rich, graphical representations on the web.
    * It also maintains your interest throughout repetitive exposure with Classic flash card, match, and slots activities and also motivating kinesthetic neural bonds in your memory cortex.
    * For the checking of comprehension, it includes innovative dictionary with a search-bot game.
    * Includes excusive animations for the best user experience on your android device.

Supported Android versions: All
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GRE prep (Keys)