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Free GPS Essentials Android App & Review

Downloads: 168
Category: Travel Android Apps
(GPS Android Apps)
Version: 1.8.6
Publisher: mictale
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About GPS Essentials Android App
  • GPS Essentials is an appealing app that completely turns your android device into a GPS receiver. Through ‘Dashboard‘, you can see navigation values like altitude, battery, max speed, sunset, moonset and much more. With the help of a camera heads-up display view, you can see your waypoints. It also offers a list of all the waypoints with KML-format (import & export).


    * Compass:
    - Check the earth's magnetic field orientation.
    - Through this app, you can also see the current target & an arbitrary tracking angle.

    * Satellites:
    - Easily see satellites in view with a sky view of the present positions.

    * Map:
    - Easily see waypoints with a map.
    - Use your contacts within the app simply by converting mail addresses of it to waypoint.

Supported Android versions: All
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GPS Essentials