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Category: Social Networking Android Apps
Release: 2012-07-27
Version: 1.9
File Size: 11MB KB
Publisher: Wire Ltd
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About Android App
  • is an interesting and very popular global social networking application. The application allow its users to locate other users on an in-built map and help them to communicate with each other. With the help of this application, you can find friends, current locations, or try the "Connect" option to meet new people around you.


    1. Location and tracking: Search your friends from our interactive Google map.

    2. Facebook, Twitter & Google+ integration: Simply tap your character on the in-built map, share the location on your profile account. You can also hide location or hide from groups button. Make yourself instantly invisible for all or a certain users.

    3. Messaging: Get free individual as well as group global messaging through chat option.

    4. Media Functionality: Upload photos/videos and share them among your friends.

    5. Poke Function: Poke friends or strangers.

    6. Push notifications: send you a push notification each time you have a new message or get poked.

    7. Profile Customization: Let other people find out about who you are through your profile.

    8. Contact integration: allows you to access your mobile contacts from the app itself.

    9. Points and statuses: Earn points & status by making new friends on

    10. Status Posts: Status posts offers more options than what accustomed on other platforms.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher Screenshots: Android App Recent Changes

What's in this version:

Status posts - Tap on your character and post your current status.

- Block user option- Save media option- Chat history- Like button

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