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Future Scheduler Android App & Review

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Category: Productivity Android Apps
Release: 2012-08-11
Version: 1.1
File Size: 2.9M KB
Publisher: Appsicum (
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About Future Scheduler Android App
  • Forget Forgetting!!

    How many times did you forget to send an important Text Message or an Email coz you were too busy with just another chaotic day in office? How many times there was an urgent need to make a crucial phone call and well, thanks to your over-complicated and busy life, you simply forgot that?

    How great it would be to automate the schedules for important business meetings, wishing anniversaries/birthdays and even the Facebook/Twitter status updates. Nothing complicated, just take care of those damn recurring events so that we can actually focus on more important things in life?

    Well, Future Scheduler lets you do just that!

    Forget having to write down your schedule on papers that often get lost and are never there just when you need them.

    Automate the recurring events and tasks right on your mobile phone. Schedule a -

    - Phone Call
    - Text Message,
    - Email
    - Social Media update (Facebook/Twitter)

    for a future date/time and simply get rid of organizers and diaries.

    Create alerts with an easy and intuitive interface, set recurrence and that's pretty much it. When the time comes, Future Scheduler will automatically send the email/text message for you* or connect a call or post a status update on Twitter/Facebook.

    Moreover, all activities are synced with your calendar to avoid redundant entries. Even if your phone is not with you its still there in your alternative calendar. Think of it as your very own "private secretary" to schedule future phone calls, text message, emails and social media updates in a simple yet efficient manner.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Future Scheduler Android App Recent Changes

1) Now set email alerts in full auto mode without user confirmation.*2) Post Social Media Updates to Friends' walls.3) Facebook, Twitter and Email account Management.4) Improve interface design with support for 1280 x 720 screen resolution.5) Improved Support for Galaxy Nexus devices.* Using a server side component

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Future Scheduler