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Frutakia Android App & Review

Downloads: 42
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.1
Publisher: Crazysoft Limited Apps
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About Frutakia Android App
  • Frutakia is an interesting and appealing game to play on your android device. Here, the main goal of the players is to create sets of three or more same items or fruits at any direction. The game includes 5 unique fruits and 2 different items. You can also keep some 'Blanks' while playing. Create the groups of 'bell' or 'super item' in order to score more points.

    Check out three different indicators below the fruits/items. The first indicator is on left side through which you can see your current score. The third indicator is your 'Life Meter' that is situated on the right side. If your life meter runs out then you will loose game. Make 'Life Meter' full in order to get a bet up that helps you to increase your percentage in the middle. You can also earn more and more points by raising it as much as possible.

    Play up to 3 different game modes like easy, hard and frutakia. There is no time limit in easy mode so that you can take your time in completing the mode. Hard mode is specilly designed for the players who like challenging modes. Challenge your points in frutakia mode and you may even win or sometimes lose everything in this mode.

    The game has 16bit crystal clear graphics and smooth animation. It also features speed control and vibration support. Earn highest score and even export it to the internet.

    2 different ways of playing:
    * Drag & drop fruits or move them up or down simply by using the buttons that are available above and below the fruits screen.
    * Click on the 'Spin All' button to move the fruits.

Supported Android versions: All
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