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FreeCell Android App & Review

Downloads: 33
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 2.0.8
Publisher: Odesys LLC
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About FreeCell Android App
  • Enjoy richness of Free Cell - one of the most popular open solitaires in the world right on your Android device. This Android card game is an open solitaire where all cards are dealt out face-up at the start of the game and so you must have to use your skill and strategy to chase the game.

    The board is made of 4 free cells, 8 columns and 4 home cells. Your aim is to place all 52 cards in the home cells, forming four stacks, one for each suit, in ascending order from ace to king. Well in mind, moves to a column must be made in downward order, alternating colors. Only the bottom cards of the columns or in the free cells can be moved. A free cell can hold no more than one card at a time. Simply, most addictive card game ever!!

    * Undo Facility to correct wrong move
    * Animated cards motion
    * User friendly interface
    * Auto Collect
    * Auto Save on exit or interruption


Supported Android versions: All
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