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Free Space Invaders / Galaga Android App & Review

Downloads: 133
Category: Games Android Apps
Release: 2013-10-26
Version: 1.16
File Size: 14M KB
Publisher: KRE Software (
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About Space Invaders / Galaga Android App
  • Galactic Invasion is an addicting arcade remake space shooter game inspired by old school Atari arcade legends Space Invaders, Galaga, Galaxian, and Xenon.

    While on solo zero gravity patrol in galaxy sector 2 space you meet a fleet of alien invaders out to conquer the galaxy and invade Earth space. Help is light years away and your star fighter is the only defense against the alien enemy invasion. As the solo defender of the galaxy you must protect Earth space from these alien space invaders.

    What users are saying about this free classic arcade space shooter game, Galactic Invasion:

    5 star. Reminds me of Galaga!
    I loved Galaga as a teenager. There is no telling how many tokens I fed it at the arcades. Galactic Invasion is more enjoyable...

    5 star. Cool
    I love this classic redo of two games that I played back in the day. Space Invaders & Galaga

    5 star. Great game
    Really fun game. Very addicting. If you like Galaga, then get this. Recommended. -Fuzzy Tomato.

    4 star. Space invaders on galaxy s-4g
    This is about as good as it gets when it comes to "space invaders" this is good old shoot em-up. It doesn't freeze, pause, etc,..

    Install now and get Free Shipping* anywhere in the galaxy!!

    Includes the following features:
    - Two different space fighter control systems:
    o Tilt-based Control. Universal and simplistic control mode. Simply tilt your device to move your space fighter left, right, forward or back. Tap anywhere on screen to fire weapons. Hold and press to engage the weapon auto-fire. Great for one-handed play!
    o On Screen Control. Control the star fighter with an on-screen joystick and fire button for an old school classic arcade style experience. Configurable for right or left handed players.
    - 35 levels of space arcade fun with increasingly difficult waves of alien space invaders (20 levels in free version)
    - Options to change control modes, manage difficulty, tune graphics, and mute sound allow for a fully customizable gameplay experience

    We strongly encourage and eagerly await any and all user feedback regarding our products. Please feel free to email us from either the link below or the in-game feedback screen regarding any comments, ideas, or issues regarding this app.

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Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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Space Invaders / Galaga Android App Recent Changes

1.16==================- The Lokari invasion has begun in 5 new lite and 10 new pro levels- Stabilized laser shot, missile and explosion sizes across devices- Stabilized speeds across devices- Bonuses now included in high score check after last level- High score qualification check now performed after completing each level- Minor enemy health, score, and drop rate changes- Graphic compression utilized to slightly reduce APK size

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Space Invaders / Galaga