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Forecastica Premium Android App & Review

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Category: Finance Android Apps
Publisher: jCentricity
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About Forecastica Premium Android App
  • Easily keep an eye on the changes of stock price by using stock screener and stock price prediction application named Forecastica Premium that is compatible with android tablets (1024x600). With the help of this app, you can instantly know about the companies and their future position that helps you to make better investment decisions. It is useful app for both full-time stock traders as well as for those who only manages their retirement accounts. Here, forecasts are updated daily.

    This app includes matchless depth & breadth of data from all over the world so that you can trade all your data for any of the region from Europe to Asia. Check many quotes like open, close, high, low, statergy and vector in each raw consequently with the day of the forecasting. It also features numerous watchlist, 4, 8 & 12 day forecasting, portfolio manager and much more. This app also includes more than 150,000 stocks that supports 79 of the most popular global exchanges like American stock exchange, Forex, Jasdaq, Berlin stock exchange and many others.

    Be informed about forecasting quotes as well as movement signals for the next day with email notifications. Statistical model helps you to improve your investment performance. Here, proprietary model is completely based on neural networks. Identification of stock-purchasing trends by the proprietary model is based on pattern recognition as it driven stock forecasts.


    * Company Screener:
    - It is totally automatic software which simulates algorithm based trades with an initial investment of $25000 for each company from the S&P 500.
    - Check out the profit you have made by following forecasting algorithm and also rank companies as per their profits.
    *Profit Calculator:
    - Use Profit calculator (virtual analytical trader) to simulate virtual trades for different stocks with an exact original investment amount.
    - It also examines the analytical trading strategies against past database.
    - As per the predicted trading signals, this calculator performs trades for the previous 300 days and accumulates the total loss/ profit.
    - You can also check about what would be your hypothetical profits if you have traded by using forecasting technology.
    * Short Term Volatility Indicator:
    - Check out the volatility of a stock for the past 90 days with this most reliable and consistent indicator.
    * Strategy Column:
    - It displays buy, sell or hold decision on the bases of mathematically predicted turning points through strategy column.
    * Vector Column:
    - Check out probable average price movement in percents whether it is down or up.
    * My Exchanges - Limit Symbol:
    - Easily search for your favorite exchanges.

Supported Android versions: All
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