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Flight Control Android App & Review

Downloads: 34

Category: Games Android Apps
(Flight Tracker Android Apps)
Release: 2011-03-29
Version: 3.3
File Size: 18637 KB
Publisher: Namco Networks
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About Flight Control Android App
  • Try to keep the skies safe in insanely addictive worldwide hit named Flight Control! The main objective is to simply guide aircraft to their different landing zones. But be careful don't let them collide. Make use of some strategy and watch out alter flight paths as needed. Endeavor to keep chaos under control. Start your journey with multiple airfields, 10 unique aircrafts and stat-tracking. You can also earn your wings on beloved original map. Make sure you'll securely guide your helicopters, jets and seaplanes towards their landing zones. Simply take wheels of an aircraft carrier and control speedy military helicopters as well as jets. Play into Australian Outback that features emergency air ambulance plane which can not be controlled. Also be ready to grab reins in snowy winter wonderland drifting snow and windsock show existing wind direction. Get prepared for some addictive airline actions!

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Flight Control Android App Recent Changes
  • Addressed sound issue when locking a device
  • Modified the DRM to be more user friendly
  • Corrected minor graphic issues on higher resolution devices
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Flight Control