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FitGa Android App & Review

Downloads: 203
Category: Health & Fitness Android Apps
Version: 2.2
Publisher: KyaliApps
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About FitGa Android App
  • FitGa is an easy to use and versatile application for your android device. The users will find almost all the health parameters including Ideal weight, BMI, Daily calorie needs, Total body water and Body fat percentage which they require to measure their health status. Every person is different and has a varied parameters combination for achieving ideal Fitness. You find it boring to use charts or various formulas to know your day-to-day health status but this app offers you the easiest way.

    The app also allows you to save any of your parameters in numerous profiles so that you can easily access it whenever you want. Track weight of your friend as well as family members and even store it in infinite number of profiles. Check out your weigh and age on other planets by using one integrated application. Remember, Fitness doesn't mean that you have to manage only your weight.

Supported Android versions: All
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