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Finger Dance Revolution Android App & Review

Downloads: 35
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 2.0.0
File Size: 9318.4 KB
Publisher: Blink Droid
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About Finger Dance Revolution Android App
  • Finger Dance Revolution is a wonderful game just like full-size dance games. Try to move your fingers as long as you can on the dance floor in this rhythm game. The main goal of the players is to tap given arrows corresponding to song's beats.

    While playing, you will find scrolling of arrows from bottom to top. As soon as the appropriate arrow will reach at the screen's top, players have to tap the corresponding arrow at screen's bottom. If you have made correct move, then you can see one arrow on your screen. With your correct move, you will also earn ten point. The game also offers a chance to earn bonuses for special bonuses. After completing each song, the game gives you a letter grade to show the total percentage of arrows that you got correct. Become a finger dance champion by using your best dancing skills and earning highest score.

    - 4 difficulty levels
    - List of 10 songs
    - Ability to upload your favorite MP3 songs
    - Control up to 4 arrow pads (each with a blinking arrow)

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Finger Dance Revolution Android App Recent Changes
  • Optimized the display for the Kindle Fire.
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Finger Dance Revolution