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Find A Starbucks Adfree Android App & Review

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Category: Shopping Android Apps
Version: 2.2b
File Size: 244 KB
Publisher: BrennaSoft (
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Market Link: market://search?q=pname:com.brennasoft.findastarbucks
About Find A Starbucks Adfree Android App
  • Easily find a Starbucks store which is near to your present location with Find A Starbucks Adfree app. Firstly this application determines your present location by using gps or network (wifi + 3g) and when your location is determined, it starts the search of Starbucks stores & shows you the 10 nearest stores from your location. It includes map view which displays your present location & also location of Starbucks stores. It also has list view that shows information about each Starbucks store such as address, phone number, hours if available & whether the store is currently open or not & many other features.

    * Search option:
    Through this option, you can search
    - By using your current location either gps or network
    - By address you enter
    - By tapping a location on the map.
    * You can filter your search based on stores with certain features such as:
    - Drive-through
    - Open 24 hours
    - Mobile pay
    * You just have to click on either a map popup or a store in the list to redirect Google maps with turn by turn navigation to the store.
    * If you click long on any store which is in the list then it will call that store even if its hours aren't available.
    *Phone menu button: Allows you to bring up the menu options to search, clear the results and move the map to your location etc.

Supported Android versions: All
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Find A Starbucks Adfree Android App Recent Changes
  • Force close fix for Assorted Motorola Handsets (Defy, Diablo, Kobe) and Zte Orange
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