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Exchange by TouchDown Key Android App & Review

Downloads: 98
Category: Business Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Release: 2008-08-21
Version: 6.0.001
File Size: 18330 KB
Publisher: NitroDesk, Inc
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About Exchange by TouchDown Key Android App
  • Exchange by TouchDown Key is the most popular 'Mobile Device Management Solution' that allows you to get all your email, contacts, calendar and tasks. It offers full support for almost all data types like email, tasks, contacts, calendar, notes and SMS syncing for Exchange 2010 servers.

    Use the app as you want by using variety of customize options like custom & speech notifications, viewing tweaks, peak times, pinch-to-zoom etc. It allows you to transfer any of your data to the SD card. Quickly check your status with individual task, calendar, email and universal widgets. The app also provides support for third party widgets.

    Get support for all exchange activesync policies like remote wipe, PIN, data encryption and storage card encryption of corporate data.

    * Corporate Data Separation:
    - The users can easily keep their corporate data separate from their personal data through this application.

    * S/MIME:
    - Quickly send or receive S/MIME encrypted and signed mails by using this app.
    - It provides guarantee that the emails that you receive can be visible only to you and the mail that you send can be visible only to intended recipient.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.0 and higher
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Exchange By TouchDown
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Exchange by TouchDown Key