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Free ES File Explorer Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
Release: 2009-03-08
Version: (supports App2SD)
File Size: 1536 KB
Publisher: EStrongs Inc. (
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About ES File Explorer Android App
  • Explore your Android phones with ES File Explorer and find it handy than before. This Android App is one type of file manger. It manages your files as well as other applications so you can rapidly and easily find them when you want to use. It also offers you Copy or Cut Move, Thumbnails, Multi-Select, Edit Text, Multiple Send, Search, Compress, Media on ftp, Access Home PC and Bluetooth. It is also handy for IT field users.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
ES File Explorer Screenshots:
ES File Explorer Android App Recent Changes


  • Fix bugs on select all mutiple times
  • Open .odt, .pgn, .docx,... using 3rd party applications.


  • Seperate cache and data, can clean cache now
  • Send multiple files


  • Not fullscreen by default, set it in settings
  • simple local image viewer
  • No module warning on upgrade


  • New UI
  • Enhance Toolbar
  • Fix 2.2 gallery compatibility
  • Improve ZIP feature
  • Since some dislike bookmark permission, seperate it from here.


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ES File Explorer