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Enigma II Android App & Review

Downloads: 41
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 3.00
Publisher: ZingMagic Limited Apps
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About Enigma II Android App
  • While playing Enigma II, players can use their powers of deductive reasoning to break the code at master level. The main goal in game is to search hidden series of pieces in less number of turns. The game starts by a computer making hidden sequence of pieces. The current level of complexity is measured by number of pieces in sequence, total number of pieces that can be used and sequence having duplicate pieces.

    The hidden sequence is searched by making various guesses for content. To measure the accuracy, every guess is compared with hidden sequence and clues. For every complex level, hidden sequence is searched within limit to win the game. Various levels ranging from beginner to expert are available for playing. Amazing graphics of games supports boards and piece sets. Many card, puzzle and breed classic board games can be played on various platforms. Languages like Italian, Spanish, English, French and German are supported.

Supported Android versions: All
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Enigma II