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Emergency Manager Android App & Review

Downloads: 31
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 1.0
Publisher: AppSolute Geeks
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About Emergency Manager Android App
  • Use this emergency & distress situation management android application named 'Emergency Manager'.

    * Emergency Services Dialer:
    - The app shows some emergency service numbers including police, fire and medical on your main screen on the basis of your present country.
    - You can use it universally as it includes emergency service numbers of over 200 countries from all over the world.
    - This feature is useful in emergency situations, while traveling other foreign countries.

    * Alerts via Facebook and Twitter:
    - In case of emergency, the app will automatically post message on Facebook wall and Twitter on behalf of you to request help along with the Google Map location URL, user's geoghraphic co-ordinates & the number to contact so that you can also get help from all your online friends & followers.
    - To access facebook & twitter accounts, the users have to set the permission settings only once and then they can easily post message by a single touch.

    * SMS Alerts:
    - Use GPS & Wireless network to send your current location as SMS with a Google Maps URL( location's) requesting help to multiple contacts or a single contact for your current location.

    * Email Alert:
    - It utilizes pre-installed email client of your phone so that whenever there is any emergence situation, the users can easily alert their friends via Email.
    - Send email alerts to multiple friends (full version) at the same time.

    * Power Button as wildcard key (Experimental):
    - Press 'Power' button for at least 3 seconds to send SMS & email alerts.
    - It is an experimental feature that can be used for some devices.

    * Location via both GPS and Wireless Networks:
    - It recognizes your current location via GPS and Wireless networks.

    * Other Features:
    - Share any alert message with friends via some pre-installed apps including Yahoo, MySpace, Buzz etc. (full version).
    - Ability to customize emergency alert message in full version.

    * Multilingual Support:
    - Supports up to 10 languages like Chinese, German, Hindi, English, French, Spanish and many others.

    * Upcoming Features:
    - Support for widget & lock screen access.
    - Many location based services for USA, UK & India.

    * Widget (Experimental):
    - It also offers widget on the home screen.
    - Simply pressing on widget icon you can launch the application.
    - By clicking information, the users are able to send emergency alert SMS to their contacts.

Supported Android versions: All
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